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New BDE_Cosential Platform v3


Rated #1 Market Leader for 3 Consecutive Years


Cosential is the only growth platform that goes beyond a CRM in owning the pre-sales process for market leaders winning business in the AEC industry.

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New Business Development Experience.

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You've heard it before: time kills all deals. When your teams are constantly racing against the clock, disjointed systems and silos are only wasting valuable time. The information you need fast is scattered in too many places, leaving you scrambling to find it. Let’s face it, most projects come from your relationships, but are those check-ins and decisions on-the-go really being input in a Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

You need a catalyst for change.

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webinar 6.3 - introducing bde social & lp

eBook: Time Doesn't Kill All Deals... You Do.

Now that we have your attention, it’s important for you to recognize that while time always has an influence over your deals, the only reason an otherwise strong and healthy deal dies, is because of what you did with the time you had to work on closing the deal.

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Drive Ahead In Capturing the Market

There’s a sense of urgency to expand and capture new markets - you can’t waste time chasing the wrong business for your firm. Accelerate your growth with a platform that ensures confidence in qualifying project pursuits and risk assessments while never falling short of un-siloing data across your larger firm.

• Manage your contacts on-the-go and feed your team critical milestone moments.

• Ensure you're pursuing the right business by qualifying opportunities.

• Accelerate delivery of accurate proposals by adding Marketing as key players.

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Kickstart Your Measurable Success and Predictable Revenue

Jumpstart your growth by feeding your system of record up-to-date, accurate, information seamlessly throughout your day. You need a platform that makes it easy to breathe strategic insights throughout the lifecycle of your project pursuits.

• Seamlessly manage your pipeline without leaving your email.

• Easily track your revenue and uncover gross margins tied to projects.

• Add predictability to your business with accurate revenue projection.

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Strategize for Your Future

Set your Business Development team up for success by pulling your data into a single source of truth to easily show leadership that you're on track and never lose sight of your overall firm goals.

• Keep a constant pulse on the state of your business with centralized reporting.

• Strategize how you capture new work and build meaningful account plans.

• Bring other areas of your business into the fold by connecting your financial system.

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