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Why SMPS Members Love Cosential  

Over 40 percent of SMPS members use Cosential’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) and Proposal Automation solution to: 

  • Improve marketing and business development.  
  • Get crucial project data at their fingertips.  
  • Empower lightning-fast proposal generation. 
  • Leverage their client, prospect, partner and personnel network to win more projects.  

If you’ve never seen it in action, it’s time you found out.  

Request a demo to get a first-hand look at how Cosential can transform marketing and business development at your firm.   

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  • "Cosential has streamlined our proposal process, made it much more efficient. I love the publisher module, we can produce profiles, project lists and resumes quickly and know that the information is accurate and consistent."
    Farrah Mote – Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager, Robins & Morton
  • "One of the best things about Cosential has been the top-notch customer service. We are always able to get help from a real person and from someone that is extremely knowledgeable. Any issues we’ve raised have been dealt with immediately or in a timely fashion with good feedback in the interim on the status of the solution. Awesome customer service!"
    Roger T. Smith – Vice President
    Howell Construction
  • "Cosential is a huge time-saver when all I have to do is make one change to a project on my dashboard and it populates all the associated records within Cosential. It keeps me focused on my pipeline instead of data management."
    Chris Jacobs – Senior Market Data Analyst
    JE Dunn Construction
  • "My favorite part of Cosential is the dashboard widgets and reporting. Cosential allows us to ensure all our departments can share and compare data points easily and make it easy for our executives to evaluate our business development and marketing efforts."
    Anthony Russ – Supply Chain Manager
    Consigli Construction Co., Inc.


Track your leads, manage and mine your data on the go to save you time and win more work. Easily and accurately get prospects and potential projects into Cosential from anywhere with a phonetic duplicate checker and minimal keyboard activity.

  • Custom data entry forms
  • Spreadsheet-like ease of use
  • Seamless Outlook integration,     lead creation from email
  • iOS & Android Mobile applications
  • Business card scanner
  • Lifecycle tracking of leads by stage and quality
  • Automated de-duplication



Quickly prepare targeted proposals, statements of qualification, resumes,  government forms, and other marketing collateral. Select which project, personnel, company, or boilerplate to include and then let Cosential do the rest.

  • Proposal Automation
  • Microsoft Word & Adobe InDesign document generation
  • Email Marketing to manage bulk email campaigns
  • Registration tracking to ensure compliance
  • System integration


Oversee projects with ease as Cosential streamlines your workflow and keeps your many processes organized so no details fall through the cracks. What once seemed daunting is now effortless with Cosential.

  • Advanced analytics with data snapshots
  • Goal setting with revenue projection
  • Coordinate efforts across departments, offices, divisions, market sectors, or programs
  • Sophisticated workflow with email & mobile push notifications
  • Integration with financial & project management systems

Win More Business

You sell projects, not products. No CRM provider understands the needs, workflows and roles of A/E/C industies more than Cosential.  

Cosential allows business developers, marketers, and principles the ability to access and act upon the information specific to their role that compliments cross functional workflows. The marketing and proposal database provides a comprehensive picture of their firm's connections, interactions, and history with any client or partner. It provides a lead management solution that organizes contacts, tracks new opportunities, manages pending projects, runs reports and responds to RFP’s by generating prescriptive, engaging proposalsto so you can win more projects.

Proposal Automation

Eliminate hours spent tracking down resumes, project lists and other details.Spend that time perfecting your winning materials. With seamless integrations with Word and InDesign, you can simply select which projects, personnel, or boilerplate data to include and let Cosential do the rest.


Cosential Mobile

Our mobile app that is available both on Android and iPhone allows you easy access to examime your key business data such as companies, contacts, call logs, opportunities, and projects while on the go. Log, list, search, and filter your calls in real time with all users, on all devices. Strengthen decision-making with 24/7 visibility into opportunity and project details as well as company and contact interactions to improve firm-wide communication.