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Process Management, Proposal Automation, and CRM — all-in-one!

Built For Projects, Not Products

  • Drive projects and profitability: cutting prep and reporting by 60%
  • Increase Business Development productivity by up to 50%.
  • Bid on the right projects: knowing where you’re winning, where you’re not, and what to do about it.
  • Take control and get empowered: Increase security, gain flexibility and collaboration with cloud based enterprise-class solutions.

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We’ve seen everything, are tested in all situations, and harness this rich experience to help you. But don’t just take our word for it

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Built For Projects, Not Products

Tailored for commercial AEC best practices, Cosential is your complete toolkit to support all aspects of business development, customer relationship management, and project lifecycle management.

  • Relationship Management Manage, map, document and measure all business relationships.
  • Workflow Engine Implement complex workflows in seconds without programming.
  • Proposal Automation Publish proposals, resumes, and govt forms into MS Word or InDesign.
  • Cosential Mobile Access Cosential from any laptop, phone, tablet with internet access.

What Cosential Customers Are Saying

  • “I love that Cosential is specific to our industry and speaks our language. I told my boss that we would get rid of his Excel sheet and use Cosential, and he nearly had a heart attack! This was five years ago, and he’s never looked back.”

    Christie Fair, Business Development Specialist, Rudolph Libby Inc.
  • “Cosential gives us a 360-degree view of all our data. It is important for our firm to have everything in one system and there are so many features we love about Cosential; it’s a very useful CRM.”

    ⁠Donna Stacer, Marketing Manager, MATT Construction
  • “Managing 750 proposals without Cosential would be utter chaos. When we hire people, their jaws literally drop when they see how Cosential works, the data we have, and how it helps them do their job.”

    ⁠Debora Boyd, KCI Technologies

Meet Cosential

Cosential enables Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms increase revenue while cutting the cost of winning new business. We offer Growth and Relationship Management software and services that bring order, control, speed, and efficiency to your business development and marketing processes.

The leader in Growth and Relationship Management software for the AEC industry for 20+ years.

We have helped 1,000+ firms increase annual revenue and increase productivity in key business development processes by up to 50%.

We’ve seen everything, are tested in all situations, and harness this rich experience to help you.

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