Cosential-Vista Case Study

JB Henderson embraces the evolution of technology for service expansion and internal processes for their staff.

JBH-Case-Study.jpgJBH notes several ways in which having both Vista and Cosential in place has saved significant amounts of time. Project names, as an example, when not created with an adhered naming convention, can have subjective and infinite possibilities of style. Having Cosential’s intuitive proximity and phonetic matching search tool used to inquiry project records synched with Vista make finding and reporting data from projects extremely fast.

Prior to the integration of Cosential and Viewpoint, I’d have to go to several places to get the data needed. Several times upon requesting my CFO for information, he would have to write a new report and he had to get training for a week to learn how to service my data inquiries. Now I can figure out what I need and create my own reports .

- Melissa Gomez, Corporate Support Manager