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The Featured On-Demand Webinar: The High Cost of Winning the Wrong Business

Ever won a project, only to realize that it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth? How often are your anticipated profit margins off-track after months of Business Development and Marketing efforts to win a project? Has winning a project like this hurt you more than helped you? Was it the wrong project, the wrong team, the wrong client or some combination?

The cost of winning the wrong business is higher than you’d expect. The financial ramifications only tell part of the story. Reputations and relationships are at stake. AEC leaders can’t afford to make the wrong choices – now more than ever. Join our Founder & CEO, Dan Cornish, and VP of Marketing, Randy Reynolds, on June 23rd, as they explore the costs and implications involved with winning the wrong business.

By attending this webinar, you’ll walk away with: 

- An understanding of the hidden costs associated with chasing *and winning* the wrong business
- Solutions to reduce the risk of making the wrong choices and increasing the likelihood of making the right choices.
- Stories of Cosential clients who have found ways to avoid the high costs associated with winning the wrong business

Time and Date

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

  • 2:00 pm EDT
  • 1:00 pm CDT
  • 11:00 am PDT


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