The Science of Deconstructing Silos

The_Science_of_Deconstructing_Silos.jpgAll Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms have silos. A silo is a division of information within a firm and the corresponding data and communications that are relevant to many, but only accessible to a select group. Eliminating silos can create new synergistic pathways for communication so you can focus on strategic goals. By analyzing them with a scientific eye, you can accelerate your firm’s growth.

We put together this eBook about deconstructing silos to help you improve your processes and win more work.

This eBook helps you:

  • Recognitize where silos reside within your firm 
  • How silos prohibit effective communication across departments  
  • Identify root cause of silos 
  • Create a deconstruction plan and team committed to decunstructing silos
  • Prevent silos from emerging   

With these tips, AEC firms can circumvent common silo hurdles and win more work.