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To better take advantage of Cosential's powerful capabilities, users are sharing their innovative ideas and best practices, while also learning new tricks and strategies they can take back to the office.

That's the power of Cosential User Groups — a free resource that's open to every Cosential user.

Currently, User Groups are active in Kansas City, Denver and Phoenix, and more are in the works. We're eager to support the growing interest and connect users with the resources they need to be successful.

Fill out the form above to join an already active User Group or request help getting one started.

Want to Facilitate a User Group?

Facilitating a Cosential User Group is a simple — and rewarding — process. 

What’s expected?

  • Spend an hour or less each week engaging with members in the LinkedIn group, planning event logistics, and promoting upcoming meetings. 
  • Be an active user of Cosential.   
  • Attend a quarterly, web-based facilitators meeting to share ideas, gain insights on potential topics, and discuss how to strengthen User Group communities. 
  • Select a location for your group to meet.

Email us for help getting started today.