Addressing Generational Handover in the AEC Industry

ebook-when-crm-is-done-right-for-aec.jpgFor the first time in history, there are four generations functioning side by side in the workplace within the AEC ecosphere. In extreme cases firms may see age differences span over 50 years, which opens great dialogue about how the day to day aspects of conducting business is changing. From the Seller-doer debate to adoption of technology, firms are working hard to remain relevant by implementing newer, modern tools and processes to stay competitive. Leveraging data points from respected sources in our space, this eBook takes an interesting look at the generational lay of the land and helps AEC firms think ahead as generations shift.

This eBook helps you understand:

  • The current generational gap and trends within AEC related.
  • How the Seller-Doer fairs with generational changes.
  • How technology and its consumption are affecting change across AEC.
  • What you need to be aware of and discussing within your firm to stay competitive.