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4 Best Practices for Winning
Marketing Teams in Architecture,
Engineering, and Construction


Become a Catalyst:

4 Best Practices for Winning Marketing Teams
in the Commercial Building Industry

How Growth and Relationship Management turns marketing into a catalyst for growth.

With the boom in architecture, engineering, and construction there are leaders. And then, there are followers. The winning firms have embraced a smarter way of engaging prospects and customers, creating wow proposals, and have finally put an end to the chaos in their business development and marketing processes. How are some of today’s marketing leaders ahead of the industry curve?

They embrace agile processes and the latest tools so much so that they beat their competition with incredible speed and efficiency — 50% faster than the rest.

They have zeroed in on marketing technology solutions that address the complexities of proposal management and the intricacies of relationship management.

They spend more time on winning proposals than on manual work such as looking up past project information and contacts.

Meet Cosential

Cosential enables Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms increase revenue while cutting the cost of winning new business. We offer Growth and Relationship Management software and services that bring order, control, speed, and efficiency to your business development and marketing processes.


The leader in Growth and Relationship Management software for the AEC industry for 20+ years.


We have helped 1,000+ firms increase annual revenue and increase productivity in key business development processes by up to 50%.


We’ve seen everything, are tested in all situations, and harness this rich experience to help you.

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