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  • "Cosential has streamlined our proposal process, made it much more efficient. I love the publisher module, we can produce profiles, project lists and resumes quickly and know that the information is accurate and consistent."
    Farrah Mote – Marketing Manager
    Marketing Manager, Robins & Morton
  • "One of the best things about Cosential has been the top-notch customer service. We are always able to get help from a real person and from someone that is extremely knowledgeable. Any issues we’ve raised have been dealt with immediately or in a timely fashion with good feedback in the interim on the status of the solution. Awesome customer service!"
    Roger T. Smith – Vice President
    Howell Construction
  • "Cosential is a huge time-saver when all I have to do is make one change to a project on my dashboard and it populates all the associated records within Cosential. It keeps me focused on my pipeline instead of data management."
    Chris Jacobs – Senior Market Data Analyst
    JE Dunn Construction
  • "My favorite part of Cosential is the dashboard widgets and reporting. Cosential allows us to ensure all our departments can share and compare data points easily and make it easy for our executives to evaluate our business development and marketing efforts."
    Anthony Russ – Supply Chain Manager
    Consigli Construction Co., Inc.

Built For Projects, Not Products

Tailored for the commercial construction industry, Cosential is your complete toolkit to support all aspects of business development, customer relationship management, and project lifecycle management.


Relationship Management

Manage, map, document and measure all company relationships

Workflow Engine

Implement complex workflows in seconds without programming

Proposal Automation

Publish proposals, resumes, and govt forms with popular software like MS Word or InDesign


Cosential Mobile

Access the Cosential Construction CRM from any laptop, phone, tablet with internet access. 

Top Features

Intuitive Interface

Never worry about where that hidden window is or whether you have mistakenly lost an important piece of data.


Personalization, at both the administrator and user level, is a towering strength with Cosential Construction CRM.

Business Management

Spreadsheet-like interface, mobile access, workflow notifications, and Outlook integration.


Every client has the same platinum level support, and unlike generic CRM companies it comes at no added cost.


Cosential partners new clients with specialists who have worked years in the construction industry. Never explain "why", just learn the "how"


Streamline your workflow by providing the tools for a fully automatic processing of basic functions that should not require manpower.

Data Entry

Your data is your life blood. Accessing, analyzing and modifying it in a manner that drives trust and adoption.


Cosential’s reporting module makes it easy to create sophisticated customized reports for all of the industry’s common queries.

What makes us different

100% AEC

Cosential Construction CRM is exclusively to commercial Construction, Architecture, and Engineering.  We do not have clients outside of these verticals. Our workflows and language within speak to your industry.

Filled with Best Practices

All product enhancements come from suggestions and ideas of our AEC clients.  That means our product reflects decades of development driven by your peers in the industry.

Integrate with What Matters

Cosential's CRM for construction integrates seamlessly with the applications and web services that matter in your space. These valuable integrations allow you to leverage AEC based tools you already know and love.